Kitchen Confidential | Vincenzo Betulia of Osteria Tulia

A meal at Osteria Tulia on Fifth Avenue South is the next best thing to a trip to the Sicilian countryside, thanks to the rustic decor and dishes created by owner and Chef Vincenzo Betulia. His menu is rooted in the culinary traditions of his ancestral homeland and influenced by his parents’ cooking talents. We grilled Betulia about essential ingredients (olive oil and anchovies, he says), and other insights.

Osteria Tulia Chef Vincenzo Betulia plating pasta

Osteria Tulia Chef Vincenzo Betulia plating pasta.

Photo by Vanessa Rogers

Favorite Spots to Shop for Food:
Farmers markets and specialty shops.


Most Exotic Meal:
I can’t say “most exotic” because I eat things that most people may not eat or would consider exotic. I’ve eaten tripe and spleen and other obscure things.


Eating In vs. Dining Out:
I would rather go out to eat. I want to be relaxing instead of always cooking. At home, though, I like firing up the grill.


A Surprising Find in My Fridge:
Hidden Valley ranch dressing.


Secret Food Obsession:
Lucky Charms cereal.

Tortelli with cauliflower lobster and calabrian chile - Osteria Tulia - photo by Michael Caronchi

Tortellini with cauliflower, lobster and Calabrian chile, Osteria Tulia.

Photo by Michael Caronchi.


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