Make a Positive Local Impact with Your Produce Purchases

Krazykrops is a business dedicated to giving ugly produce a second chance.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, the USDA has a strict grading standard, and the slightest imperfection or shape variation can make produce ineligible for the supermarket shelf.

That’s the inspiration behind Krazykrops, a service dedicated to giving ugly produce a second chance. The business sprang from the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, when Melissa Bazley visited Immokalee and was affected by the devastation in that farming community. “Any human being with a heart would have felt compelled to help,” she says. “I started reaching into my pool of contacts to see how we could get farmers back on their feet.”

Krazykrops pays growers fair market value for everything, regardless of what the crop looks like, and sells boxes of produce on a subscription basis. Consumers receive home delivery of all-natural or organic vegetables weekly, in three sizes ranging from 9 to 19 pounds. In many cases, the price works out to less than $2 per pound, and part of the profits are donated to local charities.

“I was amazed when I discovered how much food was being wasted all along the supply chain,” says Bazley. “This service is a great way to save money on perfectly good produce and help people at the same time.”

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