Caroline Beasley, 2013 Leading Lady

These stylish, smart Naples women are gorgeous on the inside and out—and we know they will be the toast of town this season. Get to know them here first.


Photography by Roland Scarpa

Hair and makeup by Philip Douglas


Caroline Beasley

Executive Vice President and CFO, Beasley Broadcast Group

   Part of a media dynasty with roots in Naples, Caroline Beasley could have easily relished the success built by her father. Instead, she pushed herself and joined him to lead the family’s national network of radio stations. She was instrumental in structuring the company’s IPO several years back, and she plays a key role in the broadcast group as it continues to flourish and expand. A dedicated daughter, wife and mother, Beasley is also deeply committed to giving back. In addition to the five Southwest Florida radio stations under the corporate umbrella that support local charities, Beasley herself is involved with philanthropic pursuits: She’s on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for the National Association of Broadcasters and a committee member for the Healthy Media Commission for Positive Images of Women and Girls, plus she was recently named an honorary trustee of the National Alliance for Women in Media Foundation.  

Caroline Beasley - Leading Ladies -Beasley Broadcast Group

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.” I try to live by example.


Favorite place in Naples:
Home. Between work and travel, if I can get some quiet time at my house, I feel like I’m in heaven.


What are you most proud of?
My children. Daniel, 18, is a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Ilana, 15, is a sophomore at Community School of Naples. They are now beautiful young adults.


What can’t you live without?
Green tea. I have at least three cups a day!


Stress relievers:  
I have two things: exercise for my physical and mental health, and I also love to listen to my daughter play the piano and sing. When I come home from a long day at the office, if she’s playing, it is very calming.


Hidden talent:
My mom taught me how to make biscuits, and I have finally mastered it. Now, I’m on to learning how to make her delicious homemade gravy.

Foodie find in town:
Giovanni’s by the Vineyards on Pine Ridge is our go-to place, whether we want a quick bite or a relaxing dinner. It is consistently good.


Biggest Inspiration:
My dad. He has achieved so much in his lifetime, and through it all, he has never forgotten his roots. That is a lesson that really resonates with me, and it’s one that I hope will stay with my children.

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