Adria Starkey, 2016 Leading Lady

Photography by Vanessa Rogers

Shot on location at Burn by Rocky Patel, Mercato, Naples


Adria Starkey

Adria Starkey - Collier County President, FineMark National Bank & Trust - Naples Leading Lady - Collier County President, FineMark National Bank & Trust

   With a glance at Adria Starkey’s list of philanthropic and professional accomplishments, one wonders how she ever finds time for it all. Currently active on the boards of Healthcare Network, Gulfshore Playhouse, and Baker Park and serving in various capacities for numerous other groups, Starkey just completed her tenth year as a trustee for the Naples Children & Education Foundation and cohosted her tenth vintner dinner this year for the Naples Winter Wine Festival. Though she finally said no to adding any more organizations to the list, that doesn’t stop nonprofit groups from asking her for advice. While she says that makes her feel like the “little old lady with wisdom to share,” the stylish brunette certainly does not look that way. The 27-year Naples resident, whose career in finance spans three decades, has some surprises on her resume. She’s proud of some real estate development she did in Collier County years ago, which included the building on Fifth Avenue South where Bistro 821 was the first business to lease space. Plus she once had a gig for which she became a card-carrying member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a job at the Crystal River nuclear plant assisting the manager. Despite her hectic work and charity schedules, Starkey still finds time for personal pursuits, including boot camp workouts, yoga, improving her golf game, and playing the piano—a hobby she took up at age 50. Although she claims she is “horrible,” she still loves to play.


“I am not ever thinking about retiring. I am thinking about how I can do what I like to do all the time.”


Adria Starkey - Collier County President, FineMark National Bank & Trust - Naples Leading Lady - Most meaningful honor: The Edison College LIFE Award received in 2008, which stands for Leadership in Fostering Education. I was just so shocked, and I do care tremendously about education and young people. It  touched my soul.

Can’t leave home without: If my husband, Jerry, is with me, I need nothing. Otherwise, I need my phone and a credit card.

Fashion statement: Casual, relaxed, and for work, fitted and professional. Always buy quality.

Books read recently: I have been reading far too many business books. And I read a number of books about Appreciative Inquiry [a model for analysis, decision-making, and creation of strategic change, particularly within companies and other organizations]. I also read Broadcasting Happiness, which was the book that led me to other books on the study of Appreciative Inquiry. Now I am looking for a good novel to just get lost in.



Styling and wardrobe by Rachel Galante and Colette Wetzel, Saks Fifth Avenue

Hair and makeup by Philip Douglas

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