Sonja Ewy, 2014 Leading Lady

Sonja Ewy

Model and spokeswoman for Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Barron Collier High School grad Sonja Ewy lives in the Big Apple, where she is a successful fashion model. She landed her current role with Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino as the winner of a reality show competition on VH1’s Model Employee. You may have also seen her in numerous Florida publications or strutting the runway at the Michael Kors 2012 fashion show at Naples Botanical Garden’s Hats in the Garden. Despite the fast-lane nature of her career, Ewy, 25, appears surprisingly grounded. After modeling, her future plans include becoming a teacher and a mom. Ewy dedicates time to helping others, and plans to get involved in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in New York. During college she volunteered for Ronald McDonald House and Habitat for Humanity and served as an English tutor for a fifth grade ESOL class.

Somja Ewy - Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino - Naples Leading Lady

Passions: I play guitar, love yoga and read a ton of life-advice books in attempt to be the best person I can be.


A perfect Naples weekend: Coming home to my parents’ house and a home-cooked meal. Sunny days all around. A few drinks at a local bar, and a beach day to relax.


Favorite book: The Defining Decade. It is about love, work and family. It tells you how your 20s are the most important years of your life and how you should use them to shape the rest of your future.


Words to live by: Hakuna matata. It’s a Swahili phrase that means no worries. This is life. The moment is now. Live in the present.


Most prized possession: My cat, Hazel. I love her very much. You know all those crazy cat ladies out there? I am one of them.


A surprising thing about her: I had six fingers on each hand; the extra ones were removed at birth. No effects from that today, just a little imperfection of mine that I like to embrace.


Fashion musts: My go-to fashion items are great shoes, my Michael Kors watch and retro Ray-Bans.


Photography by Roland Scarpa

Hair and makeup by Philip Douglas 

Styled by Ashleigh Schufeldt, Saks Fifth Avenue, Naples

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