Lights, Glass, Action

It’s all aglow at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts starting February 28 until May 31. With the debut of master glass sculptor Henry Richardson’s work, glass and light join forces in an alluring spectacle that will be on display this spring.
   Based in New York, Richardson has worked with materials like wood, stone and steel, but found an unrivaled promise in working with glass. Since 1996, he has been artfully hand-chiseling plates and fractures of glass. The translucency of glass combined with the deftness of Richardson’s skill produce his light and crystal-like masterpieces that communicate the regenerative, timeless and ephemeral qualities of human experience.

Magenta Orb - Henry Richardson - glass sculptor - Naples Museum of Art

   “The mastery of chiseling glass has allowed me to explore more complex ideas than I couldn't have tested otherwise,” says Richardson.
   His upcoming exhibit at The Philharmonic Center for the Arts is expressive once again—but with extra surprises in store. Featuring colorful orbs, two twisted columns and a black and white column, the Center’s outdoor courtyard becomes a testament to the nurturing powers of natural light.
Henry Richardson - glass sculptor - The Philharmonic Center for the Arts - Napels Museum of Art   “Unlike a painting or a solid form, the light transmission means the light is coming from within rather than being reflected from a surface. This gives the mass of the piece an inner energy and enhances the surface texture. Light not only bounds off the surfaces, but it also comes through a piece, so the sculpture changes radically as you move around it,” says Richardson.
   Richardson’s new set of work also expresses a fascination with color where, drawing on his painterly days, he has mixed his own pigments into the glass fusing agent. The result is a marvel of light playing with color. And with the merging of new movement in his pieces like the twisting columns, light, shape and color altogether give viewers both a visual and bodily experience.
   Richardson was rewarded the 2012 Stars of Design Award for Art by the Design Center of the Americas, and is currently represented by Elaine Baker Gallery as well as Collectors Corner in the Naples Museum of Art. His works have been displayed at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, The Pismo Gallery and The Frost Art Museum.

The Philharmonic Center for the Arts
5833 Pelican Bay Boulevard
Naples, FL 34108

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