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Molly Modzelewski, a licensed mental health counselor at Serenity Counseling Associates of Naples, offers insights into making working at home work for you

Months and months of working from home during the pandemic may be affecting your mental health. Distractions, having children in the house, and juggling several roles at once can lead to stress and anxiety, says Molly Modzelewski, a licensed mental health counselor and co-owner of Serenity Counseling Associates of Naples. Besides the loss of boundaries between work and home, she adds that feeling isolated from coworkers can be another struggle. Those challenges may then affect your performance, potentially leading to depression that further impacts your ability to work.

Collier Capital Club co-working space can help support remote work mental health

When your office is closed, coworking spaces can provide a good alternative. One such space in Naples, Collier Capital Club, offers memberships for desks in a shared area as well as those for private offices and conference rooms.

If you keep working from home, you can still take steps to support your mental health. Modzelewski recommends creating a specific area, whether it be a room or just your desk, that’s only for work. Making a schedule can also help you keep your job separate from your home life.

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