Luscious Lobster

Chef Fabrizio Aielli combines truffles, tomatoes and shellfish

While both favored ingredients in his native Italy, chef Fabrizio Aielli notes that white truffle and tomato are a very unusual combination. “Due to the acidity of the tomatoes, chefs avoid mixing those ingredients,” says Aielli, proprietor of the Aielli Group, which comprises Sea Salt, Barbatella, Dorona, and Grappino. This unlikely pairing comes into balance in his divine lobster risotto with roasted tomato and white truffle perfume. “We found a way to make it work by drying the tomatoes for 24 hours, deseeding and peeling them, and finally roasting them. This allows the sweetness of the tomato to come through and enhances the taste of the lobster and white truffle.” This risotto was the signature dish at Teatro Goldoni, his award-winning restaurant in Washington D.C., and is featured in his Sea Salt Cookbook, available on Amazon and at all of his Naples establishments. 

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