6 Must-Haves to Prevent Sun-Damaged Tresses

Summer hair need not look lackluster and sun-baked. We have pinpointed a few go-to products to combat the harsh effects of sun and surf on our tresses:

  1. Leonor Greyl Beauty Enhancing Oil for hair and body with natural UV filter ($66, beautyhabit.com) .
  2. Umberto Beverly Hills Shimmer Shine Spray for gloss on the go ($13, Target).
  3. Orofluido beauty mask with intense repairing action ($23, beautyhabit.com).
  4. Ligne St Barth Extra Mild Shampoo with spirulina extract to restore elasticity ($31-$45, beautyhabit.com).
  5. SHE Argan for You Light Oil to hydrate and protect hair ($34, socapusa.com).
  6. John Masters Organics Shine On leave-in treatment with sea kelp and marine phytoplankton ($30, johnmasters.com).

Hair care for the summer and sea

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