Masterful Mezze

Enjoy the Chef Rachid sampler at Kareem’s Lebanese Kitchen

Kareem’s Lebanese KitchenThe Chef Rachid Platter at Kareem’s Lebanese Kitchen gives diners a chance to sample nearly every appetizer on the menu. “Lebanese cuisine is light and healthy,” says co-owner Rachid Eido, who worked at various Four Seasons and Intercontinental properties and served as a personal chef to the Saudi Arabian royal family before coming to Naples. “We don’t cover up vegetables with spices or sauces, and nearly every dish is vegan.” The plate contains hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, grape leaves, falafel, fatayer spinach, kibbeh with labneh aioli, moussaka, and eggplant salad. “Our food is meant to be shared,” he says. “This sampler is perfect for first-time customers, who can experience a range of dishes so they know what to order when they come back.”

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