Buzzworthy Mocktails

That time you’re out to dinner with the kids. Or you want to join friends for happy hour, but you have a big workday tomorrow. Mocktails to the rescue! Have the cocktail experience without the consequences. Here are several that are so deliciously inventive you won’t even miss the alcohol.

At The Ritz-Carlton, Naples, Asian flavors complement Dusk’s sushi bar. The Shiso Sensation muddles cucumbers with apple juice and green tea syrup.

Enjoy the Summertime mocktail year-round at Yabba Island Grill, with its mix of muddled peach, blueberry, blackberry, and raspberry, which is fizzed with club soda and Sprite and scented with fresh thyme.

Summer in a glass at Yabba Island Grill. Photo by Michael Owen Photography

The Virgin Mango Mojito at La Playa resort’s Baleen restaurant delivers a tropical sweet and fizzy buzz with mint tones and chunks of mango.

Mango puts the zing in Baleen’s virgin mojito. Photo courtesy of LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort

The coolest part about the Coconut-Mastica Refresher at Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort’s The Bar at 560 is the branded, real “baby coconut shell” that holds the revitalizing blend of coconut water, mastic simple syrup, and elderflower syrup.

Light and refreshing, the Coconut-Mastica Refresher at The Bar at 560. Photo courtesy of Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort

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