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Because I cannot get the songs “Master of the House” or “On My Own” out of my head, I thought it only best to write and give you a mini review of the movie Les Miserables. Bob and I, along with two dear friends, saw the movie’s debut at Silverspot Cinema in Mercato on Christmas Day. We had seen the stage production at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., many years ago and loved it, but could not figure out how the Hollywood folks would turn such a great Broadway musical into a major motion picture.

Silverspot Cinema - Night at the Movies in Naples - Mercato

   Well, they did it and in grand fashion. In my opinion, Hugh Jackman should get every award possible for his performance as Jean Valjean, the lead character. Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and Sacha Baron Cohen are also excellent in their roles. And the music is just the best.

   Of course, experiencing any movie at Silverspot is a treat. The theater was sold out that day, but as we nestled in those spacious leather chairs, it didn’t matter. Plus, we discovered something wonderful about the movie house: When you order the biggest container of popcorn (we ordered ours without butter—a little less guilt), the concession stand folks will refill it for free. Free is always good.

MASA Mexican Cuisine - Naples - Mercato

   Speaking of Mercato, while we were eating at MASA on a recent night, I noticed that the new Wine Loft looked like it was getting ready to open. We walked over and peered through the doors and were happy to get the attention of a kind gentleman who just happened to be the executive chef. He graciously took us on a grand tour of the place, and it was not what I expected at all. (Although I am not really sure what I was expecting.) The interior is rather large and has two levels. On the main floor, are comfortable, cushy couches and chairs and little tables everywhere. There is also, of course, a bar area with high-top tables and stools. Upstairs are more couches and chairs, plus an elevator connecting the two levels. Our “tour guide” said the Loft is not there to compete with the other venues in Mercato but rather to serve as an in-between location to relax before or after dinner … or late at night after a movie. The venue will offer 300 or so wines by the glass and plus a tapas/appetizer selection. He emphasized the theme of The Wine Loft would be comfort and relaxation … not a bad theme at that. The expected opening is January 7. It is located right next to AZN and directly below Silverspot. I really liked what I saw, and hope the Loft folks have a winner on their hands.

   Good wishes for a safe, healthy, happy and relatively stress-free New Year.

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