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There are many things I love about living in paradise—the weather, the restaurants, the beaches, the shopping, living in Bay Colony—and all that it entails. But in this post I want to give a shout out to three special places.

   I must sing the praises of my hairdresser, Gary Harlan, and his wonderful salon, ncolor {salon + boutique2}. It is a pleasure every time I have an appointment and the quality of service is consistently perfect in every way. Now Gary and his partner, Louis Scandale, have created the most unique boutique to complement the salon. Candles, jewelry, serving pieces, handbags and scarves … the list goes on. My recent find of all finds was the most realistic faux candles I have ever seen. They come in several colors and run on two D batteries. I love these candles because they do look so real, they are made out of genuine wax and they can be set next to anything safely. The salon is located in North Naples on the west side of U.S. 41, just north of Baer’s Furniture. The phone number is 239-597-7005. By the time you read this, Gary and Louis will have undoubtedly restocked their candle supply—because I bought all they had except the one on display.

   For any of you who know Bob and me personally, we may have mentioned that over the years we have had appliance issues. First it was our dud of a GE dishwasher (that is a very long story which I may write about one day) and, most recently, we needed to part company with our second set (yes, I said second) of a GE washing machine and clothes dryer. I could not wait for them to be taken out of our home. After dealing with one appliance store over the years, I finally found one that is terrific. Jack Thompson of Thompson Appliance Services steered me to Florida Builder Appliances in Bonita Springs, and more specifically, Carla Eubanks, its best sales consultant. The showroom at Florida Builder is gorgeous and the service is second to none. And now, thanks to Carla and the crackerjack delivery and installation crew, the old appliances are gone forever and Bob and I are the proud owners of a Miele dishwasher and Miele washer and dryer, and everything works like a charm—better and faster than anything we have ever owned. For your information, the website is and the phone number is 239-435-8535.

Manhattan Clam Chowder - Paradise Posts

   I have mentioned this many times before, I know, but I adore everything about Whole Foods—that it is so close to me I can pop in whenever I feel in the mood (which is probably way too often). It’s also great that Whole Foods has everything I go for each and every time—the fresh almond butter I can grind myself, the wonderful house-made salsa, the chicken Florentine soup, the Manhattan clam chowder, the Southwestern spicy three-bean chili, and, lest I forget, the most delicious vegetable dumplings. I am crazy about Whole Foods’ wine selection, and the fact that I can find almost all our favorite bottles there and, in many cases, at a lower price than at other stores. And for those of you returning for season, you must check out the new wine and beer bar, right inside Whole Foods. Added during the summer, it’s perfect for taking a little shopping break.



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