Naples 10: Benjamin Fleischer

Sweet Pursuits

With a taste for success and the will to improve the health of our nation, Naples resident Benjamin Fleischer is making a difference, one packet of sugar substitute at a time. Founder and CEO of Pyure Brands, Fleischer’s business is in stevia, an all-natural, zero-calorie, sugar-free sweetener. “This is a natural solution,” says Fleischer Benjamin Fleischer - Pyure Brands - Naples 10 - Photo by Vanessa Rogersabout stevia’s health benefits and taste attributes. “This is the next generation of sweeteners.”  
   Built from the ground up by Fleischer, Pyure Brands entered the market in 2008 when stevia was just finding its legs. After intensive research and development, Fleisher came to Naples, where his parents have a home, to develop a proprietary extract in relative isolation. He created the first organic stevia product in the United States.
   His extracts are now used for an array of products for both retail—the organic-certified tabletop sweetener is available at Whole Foods—and commercial markets, including organic tabletop sweeteners and an organic honey substitute, as well as extracts and blends for turnkey and co-branded products.
   Now Fleischer and Pyure look to the future, with new products to reshape the food and beverage industry, while using fair trade practices, responsible production, and educational and giving-back programs. “I want Pyure to be synonymous with organic solutions, and go after mainstream products that are high in sugar and make them sugar-reduced or sugar-free. It is not just about offering consumers an alternative, but educating them about what they are eating.”

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