Naples 10: Cynthia Wild

Florida by Design

In 1977, at age 30, Cynthia Wild built a community of 225 townhomes in Miami. The project was called Cindi’s Place. Its success inspired her to tackle a vast array of design projects in the United States and London. Neiman Marcus Cynthia Wild, Interior Designer - Naples 10 - Naples Illustrated - Photo by Angelina Fuscofeatured Wild sheet designs for Martex. She also launched numerous wall-covering and furniture collections and was the only Florida-based designer invited to design rooms in The Celanese House, a Celanese Corporation decorator show house in New York. Wild received National Home Furnishings Association Product Design accolades for Outstanding Contemporary Wall-Covering Design, and the Euster Award for outstanding contributions to the home furnishings industry. “I am blessed to work in many aspects of design and in many different places,” says Wild. “I never know what I will be designing next.”
   Seven years ago, Wild made Naples her home, where she designs creative one-of-a-kind interiors for residential clients. In some ways, she’s gone back to her roots. “I have a vision of a real Old Florida home with deep porches all around it,” she says. “There would be sweeping views through French doors from a main house looking over the pool deck to the guesthouse beyond. The home would have a relaxed, comfortable feel offering a true indoor/outdoor Naples way of life.”

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