Naples Grande Beach Resort Unveils New Spa Treatments

The non-traditional, self-guided spa menu offers treatments that can be enjoyed in the spa, poolside, or in the hotel's rooms

Meditation Lounge at The Spa at Naples Grande Beach Resort. Photos courtesy of the The Spa
Meditation Lounge at The Spa at Naples Grande Beach Resort. Photos courtesy of the The Spa

The Spa at Naples Grande Beach Resort debuted a new non-traditional spa menu centered around self-guided treatments for patrons to enjoy. The Spa at Naples Grande is now the only spa in Southwest Florida to provide guests with touchless services dedicated to recharging the mind, body, and soul.

In addition to its current non-traditional treatments such as the Salt Floatation Bath Therapy and an Infrared Sauna, The Spa at Naples Grande now offers an array of technically-advanced treatments with the launch of NuCalm, Avacen, and a Cryolift Pro Machine. Along with the full spa menu, these new services allow guests to destress, detox, and rejuvenate from head to toe, and from the comfort of their preferred location—whether that be within The Spa, poolside, or their own rooms.

The new and enhanced spa menu’s self-guided treatments do not require the touch of a masseuse or esthetician, like NuCalm, the world’s first and only patented neuroscience technology app that is clinically proven to lower stress and improve quality of sleep. Hotel guests of all ages can enjoy the technology, which mimics the body’s natural process of tiring the brain to sleep through applied neuropsychobiology and neuroinformatics.

NuCalm poolside at Naples Grande Beach Resort
NuCalm treatment by the pool

Avacen is a muscle-relaxing device used to increase microcirculation by applying thermotherapy and negative pressure to the palms of the hands that systemically treats the entire body. This service can cleanse the immune system by eliminating toxins and improving circulation at the same time.

Those looking to test out the latest technology in body shaping can try the Cryolift Pro Machine, a non-invasive shaping device, that employs focused pulsed ultrasound, combined with cavitation, bipolar radio frequency, and semi-conducting cooling technology, to selectively and painlessly destroy fat cells.

New spa packages, like the Anxiety & Stress Relief package ($485) allow spa-goers to escape from the stressors of daily life and decompress through a series of treatments, including: 25 minutes of Halotherapy and Infrared, 30 minute salt float bath therapy, 25 minutes of VibroAcoustic, ElectroMagnetic & Infrared technology, and 80 minutes of singing bowls therapy. Additional wellness therapies are now offered at The Spa at Naples Grande Resort.

For reservations and the full spa menu, click here or call 239-594-631.

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