Lane Beatty, 2014 Super Man

The president of Sports CLUB, a nonprofit after-school program and summer camp established in Naples in 1999, Lane Beatty effectively began training for his career when he was in elementary school in Michigan. He recalls organizing the kids in his neighborhood to play different sports all year long—and he’s still in contact with some of them nearly 50 years later. He says he would like to be able to give all children a happy, well-balanced childhood full of play and personal relationships that lead to lifelong friendships. On weekends, Beatty runs sports leagues under the name of K6 Sports, which include flag football, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading and Kindersport for the five and under crowd. Along with Sports CLUB Vice President Bill Carufe, Beatty recently set up a scholarship basketball league for kids in the Golden Gate area who competed in the K6 program.

Lane Beatty - Sports CLUB - Naples' Super Men

Beatty with Aristotle, screech owl

“I’m not afraid of taking a chance in life or standing up for what I believe in.”


Personal style: Friendly, honest, passionate.


Words to live by: It’s all about choices … and what we do with what we’ve been given.


How he spends a free day: My favorite thing to do would be play golf with my dad and my son. I’m a guy who enjoys the simple pleasure of going to dinner and a movie with my wife, Pam, and my kids, Chase, 24, and Tara, 21.


What he can’t live without: My faith, my family and the smiles I see every day.


Playing in his earbuds: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. You can’t be anything but happy when you hear it!

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Photography by Vanessa Rogers

Shot on location with animals from Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

Grooming by Philip Douglas and Kim Zimmerman

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