National Oysters Rockefeller Day at Chops City Grill

Celebrate the holiday with an indulgent "Oysters Chopafeller" at the Naples and Bonita Springs restaurants January 10

Oysters Chopafeller. Photo courtesy Chops City Grill
Oysters Chopafeller. Photo courtesy Chops City Grill

Your favorite holiday you didn’t know existed is just days away. Chops City Grill in Naples and Bonita Springs will commemorate National Oysters Rockefeller Day January 10 with an indulgent interpretation of the classic American dish. Dubbed “Oysters Chopafeller,” the Chops rendition replaces the traditional anise flavor of Pernod with the tangy heat of miso and yuzu.

“Oysters Chopafeller features three large oysters, stuffed with a king crab, roasted bacon, spinach, and parmesan cheese mixture, and baked in their shells until golden brown,” said  Executive Chef Jason Mattozzi. According to Mattozzi, the Chopafeller recipe is a well-guarded secret. Oysters are finished with a yuzu mustard sauce and garnished with pea tendrils, rock salt, and a one ounce king crab leg. The decadent dish has been a mainstay on Chops’ dinner menu since it opened in 1997.

For guests who prefer chilled starters, Chops serves up a chef’s flight of East and West coast oysters with cocktail sauce, citrus, and Tabasco, atop shaved ice with a cucumber vodka mignonette.

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