Neighborhood Organics is a Neighborhood Solution

Neighborhood Organics, a farmers market storefront, offers grab and go options, a dine-in menu, and strives to support other small businesses.

Neighborhood Organics

Busy spouses and harried parents know the most time-consuming part of making dinner isn’t cooking but rather menu planning, shopping, and kitchen prep. Neighborhood Organics in Naples is expanding to become a local one-stop solution for that. In June, the family-owned business moved from one storefront to another in the Shoppes at Vanderbilt. Now, they have a complete commercial kitchen that allows them to prepare grab-and-go lunches and takeout dinners.

“We specialize in feel-good lunches, such as baked ziti, mac and cheese, or quiche,” says Janet Blanchard, who owns the store with her sister, Jenny Breton. “Customers can buy one of our take-and-bake dinners, such as pecan-parmesan pork chops or chicken breasts stuffed with feta and sun-dried tomatoes, then just pop them in the oven and follow our instructions.”

Visitors can also dine at the café during breakfast or lunch. In addition to prepared foods, Neighborhood Organics sells a range of products from small businesses and solo entrepreneurs, offering them shelf space and visibility they may not get from grocery chains. Many of those vendors are drawn from the Farmer’s Market at the Shoppes at Vanderbilt, which the family manages every Saturday in season.
“Our mission is to support the organic growth of small business entrepreneurs,” says Breton, who worked as a caterer before opening Neighborhood Organics. “I want to use my experience to achieve that in a community-oriented, storefront environment.(239-631-6282)

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