New Book from Paradise

Deadly News - novel by Don Farmer and Chri CurleThe old adage to “write what you know” clearly figured into the work of Marco Island resident Don Farmer, who has penned his first novel, Deadly News (Headline Books, 2013). While the career newsman is the author, he relied on his wife of 41 years, Chris Curle, to help shape the story. “Chris’s contributions were a major part of the project. She did much of the research and proofreading. She also helped with character development,” Farmer says.
   The journalists, whose careers collectively span 99 years, have reported on countless major news events and covered legendary figures. In Deadly News, the action begins with a movie star’s murder, the ensuing news coverage and the police investigation. The plot is set in Atlanta, Florida and London. Farmer says, “We had so much fun creating characters and putting them in real places here in Southwest Florida.”

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