NI’s Dining Awards: Best Ceviche

Best Ceviche

Inca’s Kitchen

Naples Illustrated's Dining Awards - Best Ceviche - Inca's Kitchen - Latin Cuisine in Naples

Peru takes credit for inventing ceviche—the popular dish that marinates seafood, in its traditional form, in citric acids to give it the look and texture of being cooked. So it makes perfect sense that a Peruvian restaurant would excel at ceviche. Inca’s Kitchen (239-530-8101) in Golden Gate has mastered all things Peruvian. So much that the restaurant’s loyal following is celebrating a second location just opened in North Naples. Inca’s Kitchen serves a handful of different varieties of the chilled dish, typically eaten as an appetizer. They feature wahoo, corvina, white fish and seafood medleys. The ceviche de pescado con aji amarillo sauce is a mildly spicy version of calamari, octopus, fish and shrimp blended with chili pepper and the Peruvian liquor pisco.


Honorable Mention

The Local

The Local uses the freshest local and healthful ingredients available in its dishes. Its creative adaptation of ceviche is no exception: snapper ceviche tacos with citrus, Serrano peppers, avocado, red onion and cilantro. (, 239-596-3276)



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