NI’s Dining Awards: Best Veggie/Vegan Restaurant

Best Veggie/Vegan

The Local

Naples Illustrated's Dining Awards - Best Veggie/Vegan Restaurant - The Local - Housemade potato and cauliflower perogies

Housemade potato and cauliflower perogies from The Local.

Built on the concept of buying local product for the health of both its diners and its planet, The Local (239-596-3276) uses a lot of organic ingredients and devotes sections to gluten-free, vegetarian and even vegan diets. Non-carnivores can choose from a full array of refreshingly delightful salads, red lentil soup, quinoa with sweet corn and cucumbers, a veggie flatbread, a veggie sandwich with avocado, baba ghanoush, “kung pao” avocado with bell pepper and cashews, The Local Farm Plate, and seasonal vegetables with house-made fettuccini and oyster mushrooms, plus various well-prepared seafood dishes, such as Pine Island clams with capellini.


Honorable Mention

Food & Thought

Food & Thought’s dishes reflect the kind of creative thinking that raises it above typical health food juice-bar fare. Organic and homemade, most of its cold and hot dishes are vegan or at least vegetarian. (foodan?, 239-213-2222)


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