7 ways to serve up flavored olive oils

Olive oil has long been known as a “good fat,” thanks to its high concentration of monounsaturated fatty acids, which can help lower cholesterol levels—and may help lower your risk of heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. Olive oil is available in a number of deliciously aromatic varieties, each with its own unique flavor to enhance a wide variety of foods. Vicky Budynsky, marketing manager at gourmet food store VOM FASS Naples, breaks down several popular infusions and how to best use them in the most flavorful ways.




The taste of the fresh herb gives this olive oil its elegant flavor. 

Try: Mix into a Caprese salad, pasta or risotto.

Lemon infused olive oil - VOM FASS Naples




Ripened lemons have aromatically refined this oil. 

Try: Add it to citrus salad dressings, chickpea recipes or pasta.


Orange infused olive oil -  VOM FASS NaplesOrange

The aroma of juicy oranges gives this oil its citrus taste and makes it particularly suitable for enhancing fish, fruity salads or desserts. 

Try: Use it in place of cooking oil when baking.

Oregeno infused olive oil -  VOM FASS Naples


A delicate aroma, woody character and grassy overtones make this a delightful addition to many dishes, particularly Italian cuisine. 

Try: Use it as a base for aioli, reach for it when marinating vegetables, drizzle over pizza or add a dash to a cold pasta salad.

Porchini Mushroom Infused Olive Oil


The delicate, natural mushroom essence provides a subtle layer of flavoring when added just before serving. 

TryDrizzle over steak with freshly cracked pepper and tarragon or over sautéed or grilled vegetables.


Tomato Infused Olive Oil -  VOM FASS NaplesTomato

Tomato-infused olive oil is a delicious way to enhance pasta, bruschetta and bread croutons. 

Try: Rub a fresh peeled clove of garlic over toasted bread, and drizzle with this savory oil.


Rosemary infused olive oil -  VOM FASS NaplesRosemary

Wherever rosemary is indispensable as a Mediterranean seasoning, this intense olive oil is just right. 

Try: Pair it with lamb or add it to fried potatoes for a worthy finish.


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