Osetra (on Fifth) + Sushi = Beyond Delicious

Just when we thought it was impossible for late-night dazzler Osetra to get any better—because it’s pretty tough to top 25 types of Champagne and a hefty selection of the finest caviars known to man—we were floored to spy grade-A sashimi on its new menu and a fully functioning sushi bar to go with it. This spring, owners Anthony Chinaglia and Milos Simovic added a refrigerated zone atop the bar of their Fifth Avenue South hot spot and hired Japanese chef Kaoru Sunagawa to man it nightly. He’s created two full pages of prime raw items for the menu, making it irresistible. His wizardry is working; we can’t resist stopping by before the 2 a.m. close.

Ostera - Fifth Avenue South


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