Perfectly Preserved

The Naples Canning Company specializes in farm to jar

Pickling, canning, and preserving food were important survival skills on the American frontier. David McCone of the Naples Canning Company is committed to bringing them back into our daily life.

“I became fascinated with pickling because of the unlimited ways you can change a product,” says McCone, who grew up in a rural part of Northern Michigan. “A white wine vinegar will give you a different taste than a Champagne vinegar, and tweaking the spices in a recipe can yield a completely different result.”

McCone worked in restaurants before opening his business last October. When the pandemic closed the Third Street Farmers Market, he shifted his focus to e-commerce and now offers free local delivery. Bread and butter pickles are his most popular item, followed by garlic dills and wildflower honey mustard. He also makes a range of low-sodium and low-sugar jams.

All of his produce comes from Inyoni Organic Farm in Naples and 12 Seasons Farm in Fort Myers, both of which are certified organic and non-GMO. He’s a firm believer in the dietary importance of fermented foods and their ability to create prebiotics essential for digestive health. Above all, he’s an ambassador for “farm-to-jar” canning and the role of nonindustrial farming. “It’s so important that we understand where our food comes from, how it’s grown, and how it’s treated after harvest.” 

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