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   You gotta love those adorable Benefit phrases. Even before you use the makeup, they make you smile. I mean, how can you be mad at something that compels you to “Perk it, then work it” or lays on the flattery à la “I hope you know CPR … ‘cuz you’ll take their breath away”?

Benefit Perk Up Artist

   Who writes this stuff?

   Cleverness aside, the line’s new concealer product, Perk Up Artist, delivers what it promises. Three shades pull triple duty in covering flaws, correcting redness and brightening tired eyes. Any imperfections around the eyes or smile lines disappear—ba da bing!—with a sweep of a little brush. If skin is not quite flawless, it’s definitely close.

   It works so well you almost forget about the mustachioed ’70s adult-film “makeup artist” on the packaging. Almost.


Benefit Perk Up Artist: Available in stores and online September 2012; $30. There will be a flash sale on July 18 at


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