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Although it’s one of the best, most effective ways to exercise available, swimming is the exercise of choice for only the truly committed and dedicated. What is keeping people out of the pool? Philip Kingsley's Swimcap - perfect for color-treated and blonde hair - Vanity on palmbeachillustrated.comHair! Chlorine can be brutal on hair, particularly color-treated and blonde hair, which is why the Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team requested a product to protect their hair from constant exposure to chlorine and sun. If you’ve ever noticed with horror a swimsuit that has lost all of its elasticity from chlorine, imagine what the powerful chemicals are doing to our hair!


As a several-times-a-week, public pool lap swimmer, I was anxious to try Philip Kingsley’s Swimcap on my color-treated hair. In fact, when I told my swimming partner about it, she was anxious to give it a try too, without knowing anything about it. I was a little dubious, as I have had a hard time finding a product that would protect my swimsuits from chlorine. (I am currently using Aqua Beach Wear’s——own suit wash, and it seems to be working well.)


Instructions recommend applying Swimcap to sections of dampened hair and working it through evenly before exposure to the sun and pool. I put it on and leave it on my wet hair before I put on my oh-so-attractive latex swim cap and get in the pool.


Once I got used to the texture, which is not as liquid as conditioner and comes out of the tube like toothpaste, I found this product to be great. My hair color and manageability has been better than ever on swimming days, with many compliments about the shiny smoothness of my post-swim style that often lasts more than one day. Available for $35 at


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