Pint-sized auto by the numbers


The new, tiny-tot Scion iQ is all about numbers. So let’s start counting the ways you might fall in love with this, the world’s smallest, and arguably cutest, four-seater.

Scion iQ - small sized, high fuel economy compacts - The Wheel World - Howard Walker

   10. That’s its length, in feet, from nose to tail. That makes it over two feet shorter than a Mini, and 19 inches shorter than the pint-sized Fiat 500. So it’s perfect for squeezing into the teeniest of parking spaces.

   Then there’s 3+1. That’s how Toyota describes the iQ’s seating configuration. By moving the fascia on the passenger side forward to create more space, it provides just enough knee room for a grown-up to sit in the back. The rear seat behind the driver is best-suited for a youngster.

Scion iQ - The Wheel World - pint-sized auto by the numbers - Howard Walker

   94. That’s the horsepower the iQ’s iddy-biddy 1.3-liter four-cylinder cranks out. And it’s enough to make the iQ feel zippy around town and allow it to cruise at a comfy 70+mph on the freeway.

   36. In miles per gallon. That’s the impressive city mileage of the Scion, with 37mpg its EPA highway figure. And there’s an ‘Eco Drive’ gauge on the dash with a bar of indicators to let you know how economical you’re driving.

   25.8. That’s the iQ’s absolutely amazing turning radius. That’s only two-and-a-half times its own length. U-turns have never been this easy. See a parking space and you sweep right in. London taxicabs aren’t this nimble.

   11. Believe it or not, that’s the number of airbags squeezed into this skateboard-sized Scion. And it includes the world’s first rear window airbag to give added protection to those in the back.

Scion iQ - compact car - fuel efficient - Howard Walker and The Wheel World

   And finally, $15,995. That’s the iQ’s base price, including destination. No, it’s not the cheapest small car out there, and the sticker can climb to $20-grand with extras. But it’s better value than that other micro-mini, the beleaguered Smart Fourtwo which, until it gets a smoother transmission, isn’t a contender.

   So, if you’re looking for a fun, flexible head-turning city car, the Scion iQ’s numbers definitely stack up.


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