Professional Athlete and Former Navy SEAL Share Toning Tip

Suspension training is experiencing a renewed boost in popularity after several professional athletes, including most recently New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, revealed that a TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) training regimen has helped keep them in the game, and stronger than ever. The training tool was originally conceptualized in the late ‘90s by Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, who was trying to come up with ways to stay strong and fit during deployment. The versatile TRX device features a series of bands, straps, and handles that leverage gravity and your body weight to perform countless exercises—everything from squats to lunges, push-ups to planks. Interested in trying it out? Locally, Addicted to Fitness and Core to Core Fitness in Naples offer TRX classes, and other gyms incorporateTRX devices for use in personal training and rehab from injuries.

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