Q&A with Marie Christine St.Pierre of La Femme Perfumery

Photo by Michael Caronchi

For Marie Christine St. Pierre, beauty has been a lifelong passion. After working as a model in Canada, she decided to attend beauty school in Montreal and later worked for cosmetics company Lise Watier—a brand she fondly refers to as “the Canadian Estée Lauder.” She moved to Naples in 1983 and opened her beloved beauty boutique, La Femme Perfumery, one year later. “I knew I wanted to keep going with beauty as my profession when I moved,” says St. Pierre. “Inspiring a good sense of self-esteem in others by making them look and feel beautiful is a great career.” Today, La Femme Perfumery is a onestop shop for all things beauty. Its salon services, offered on the shop’s second level, include hairstyling, manicures, and makeup applications courtesy of trained artists. Downstairs is a selection of more than 700 fragrances and other beauty essentials.

NI: What looks are trending for the holiday season?

St. Pierre: Bring on the shine! Last year was all about the matte finish, and this year is all about healthy skin with an ultra-shine finish. Everyone wants to step up their look and sparkle for the holidays. For cheeks, try a softer contour mixed with a blush and accented with highlighter, then pair it with bold eyes and lips.
More electric colors are in style as well, so hair might be a sleek icy platinum and nails a cool grey metallic or even a disco glitter.

NI: What is the latest in fragrances?

St. Pierre: People are obsessed with warm scents such as vanilla, amber, spices, and delicate sandalwood, sometimes mixed with a floral note like rose. Masculine woody notes are being shared by women and are perfect for holiday evenings. If you prefer something more subtle for the daytime, try a light citrus. Switch to a sultry and sweeter scent for the evening, such as vanilla or caramel notes with an accent of spice. Bergamot mixed with honey, or caramel mixed with a light floral are great choices.

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