Resolution Keeper | Apps to Make it Happen

Actually keep your 2014 resolutions by employing one of these handy apps. From kicking the smoking habit and putting an end to the procrastination bug to healthy eating and keeping fit, there’s an app for that. Read on.


Do It Now!

Finish App - Procrastination AppBasil Ltd.’s productivity app, Finish, is the perfect remedy for all those “I’ll do it later” ailments. Armed with a bevvy of task-oriented options and reminders, Finish 2.0 ($.99; iOS systems) is like an electronic version of your mother telling you to turn off the television and finish your homework. Task-by-task settings, reminders, notes, prioritization and quick-add options make completing those tasks a snap, while fun little rewards make the start-to-finish process enjoyable, no matter how much you want to drag your feet.


Fitness Apps

Keeping Fit

Vow to lose that spare tire this year? Keep those fitness goals in check with these training apps.

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Up in Smoke

Kicking the smoking habit is a difficult task. Between the gadgets and programs developed over the years, there is essentially a means to quit for anyone. But there is one simple thing many of these options look past: your cell phone.

   A cell phone app can be a great assistance to break the addiction because most people have their phones with them at all times. Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation (free; available on Android) aims to put the power of quitting smoking literally in your hands.

Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation - Quit Smoking App Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation


   The app uses a multi-pronged approach to help users kick the habit. A tracking system informs the user how long it has been since quitting, the number of cigarettes not smoked in that time, the amount of money saved and the health improvements the body has undertaken since breaking the habit. For those who need help with the nicotine cravings, the app is equipped with a game to help distract and weather the craving storm. And when all else fails, Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation takes the moniker to heart with a growing online community of smokers, quitters and quitters-in-training to help give some support.



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Mealtime Steward

Nearly three billion people worldwide rely on wild-caught and farmed seafood as their primary source of protein, according to the World Wildlife Fund. To help make healthy choices from the sea, the experts from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a world-leading research facility in all things oceanic, has created the informative Seafood Watch app.

Seafood Watch app Seafood Watch App - recommend the best seafood to dine on


  Seafood Watch (free; Android and iOS) helps diners make more informed decisions when it comes to choosing a fish dish for home cooking or at a restaurant. By pinpointing the user’s location with GPS, the app will make recommendations for “Best Choice,” “Good Alternative” and what to avoid by taking into consideration sustainable fishing and farming practices, population stocks and season. A highlight list of “Super Green” seafoods gives users an easy-to-use list of seafood that’s good for you and the ocean, while the sushi guide gives users a heads-up on the fish that make it in the roll. The Project FishMap puts the power of stewardship into the hands of the user by allowing Seafood Watch acolytes to add restaurants and markets that deal with sustainable seafood products, promoting a more educated and sustainable consumer base.


Healthy Eating Apps

Healthy Bites

Eating healthy can be a challenge. Luckily, we have a few food-centric apps to help break those poor eating habits.

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