Riverwalk’s Shrimp Nachos Fuse Mexico and Asia

“Walk” shrimp nachos first appeared 10 years ago at Riverwalk’s sister restaurant, The Dock, and migrated to Tin City by popular demand. “Mexican and Asian cuisines normally don’t fuse well,” says executive chef Corey Heath, “but the combination of sweet and savory tastes here has really appealed to diners.” For the firecracker shrimp, Heath uses small shellfish similar to rock shrimp; they’re bathed in buttermilk, rolled in seasoned flour, and fried before being tossed in a Thai chili sauce. The nachos are served in a cast-iron skillet to keep them crisp and fresh. “It has a lot of visual appeal,” he adds. “Customers see the tricolored chips passing through the dining room, topped with the red shrimp and drizzled with sour cream.”

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