Robert Schoonmaker, 2016 Super Man

Photo by Vanessa Rogers.

Financial professional and physical fitness expert Bob Schoonmaker moved to Naples for a job—twice. The Ohioan came first in 2007 with Fifth Third Bank to run its investment advisory group, which he did until 2011. Then the heartstrings of Schoonmaker and his wife, Laurie, pulled them back to Ohio, where he returned for an opportunity with Huntington Wealth & Investment Management in Toledo. Two years later, the firm offered him a post as Florida Region manager in Naples, so it seems something keeps drawing the couple to this fair city. Schoonmaker’s passion is CrossFit. He works out at Pure Fitness in Naples every day, and along with Laurie, coaches others at the gym every Saturday morning. Schoonmaker sits on the boards of The Immokalee Foundation and Champions for Learning, two organizations he sees as committed to putting children and young adults in the best position to succeed in education and in life.

It’s a cool feeling to help people get over that fear, or whatever holds them back, through CrossFit coaching.

Personal style: Comfortable jeans and a T-shirt.

Words to live by: Don’t take yourself too seriously; nobody else does.

Superhero name: The Instigator. I’ve been known to “stir the pot,” but I only use my power for good.

Greatest achievement: My 25-year marriage to my grade-school sweetheart, Laurie.

“Super” spots: Local ethnic restaurants Fernandez the Bull and Inca’s Kitchen.

Guilty pleasures: Small-batch bourbon, dark chocolate, and an occasional fine cigar.

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