Run the Good Race: Running Gear

Consider these must-have products for runners that will have you sprinting toward awesome in record time.

Flash Back

See and be seen on the road with Knuckle Lights ($39.99). Thanks to wide flood beams, these hand lights give off broad light in all directions that moves with the natural motion of your arms. Run Florida, Fort Myers (239-225-0234)


Goody Two-Shoes

Kick your kicks to the curb before they’ve outstayed their welcome by slipping a pair of mino shoe life trackers ($14.99) under the insole of your new running shoes. The device counts up to your shoes’ ideal retirement date, 400 miles worth of compressions, to guarantee you part on good terms.


Happy Trails

Never underestimate the power of a well-chosen accessory. Nathan Sports’ Trail Mix Hydration Belt ($44.99) is the answer to those thirsting for a bounce-free, fully adjustable, two-bottle belt. Dick’s Sporting Goods, Naples (239-325-6456)


Roll With It

A GRID Foam Roller by TriggerPoint ($39.95) could be the perfect way to un-cramp your style. The three-dimensional surface has varying widths to mimic a massage therapist’s hands. Naples on the Run, Naples (239-434-9786)


Watch Me GoChicked-Orange-Image

Training for a race? The Chicked running watch by Soleus ($55) is a marriage of style and substance. It comes in more than a dozen bold color combinations, while the watch’s 30-lap memory is ideal to record marathon splits and its five interval timers help you train for aerobic efficiency.

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