Sense of Place

Wynnell Schrenk, philanthropist and 14-year Naples resident, has long inspired a sense of wanderlust. Besides spending about four months each year in New York, her travels have extended around the globe with trips to more than 95 countries. In an effort to inspire high school arts students to hone their talents and pursue their passion, Shrenk and her husband George founded Schrenk Student Photography Institute 12 years ago. To date, Schrenk says more than 100 students have mastered the three-year program, and many have gone on to receive college scholarships, which have included Ivy League universities.

Photo Credit: Megan DiPiero

Personal passion: I am an adventure photographer, and am happiest when I am somewhere off the beaten path with my Nikon. This summer I am going on a photographic expedition to Mongolia, where I’ll be staying in a yurt.

Best read: Stephen Pinker’s The Better Nature of our Angels: Why Violence has Declined. He explores human nature, mixing psychology and history to provide a picture of an increasingly enlightened world.

 Favorite jewelry designer: David Webb. He created a new esthetic: bold, colorful and powerful. My favorite is the zebra bracelet, which he originally created for Diana Vreeland.

 Revered artist: Yves Klein, the ‘painter of space’ who inspired minimal, pop, conceptual and performance art. Who else has their own Pantone color named after them?

Samothrace Victory
Courtesy Galerie Omagh, Paris

 Perfect hostess gift: Kelly Wearstler’s bronze mini kiss. It’s like a little blessing on a bedside table.

Go-to scent: Byredo’s Blanche. White is my favorite color, and Blanche was my mother’s name; when wearing it I imagine it was made just for me.

Great escape: I adore New York City. A ritual I have is to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sundays.


Daily ritual: I begin each day with transcendental meditation and yoga.

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