5 Sleep Gadgets for a Better Night’s Rest

With all the stress of the world, good sleep can be a difficult thing to capture, especially when your sleeping environment is less than ideal. Noisy traffic, interrupted R.E.M. cycles, and uncomfortable bedroom conditions can all negatively affect your night – but thanks to technology, there are solutions. Soothe your senses and fix your sleep problems with these five gadgets designed to help you sleep easier and enjoy deep, fulfilling rest.

Scent is a powerful thing – that’s why Cyrano ($100) uses customized scents to set the mood for a good night’s sleep or a motivating morning. An app-controlled device, Cyrano emits realistic scents from a user-customized scent playlist – including Cancun Stroll, with notes of citrus, guava, and peppermint, and Central Park, a mix of night air, grass, and magnolia. Wake up with the bold scent of coffee or fall asleep to the lull of lavender – with user-friendly controls, the choice is yours.

Bedroom with sound blanket (Image courtesy of Nightingale)

Smartphone-managed and powered by the cloud, Nightingale ($249) claims fame as the world’s first smart home sleep system. Its sound-masking technology creates personalized sound blankets that are acoustically tuned to block disruptive noises for the entire room, making a better environment for sleep. The system also has a programmable schedule, multi-color LED nightlights, and soothing nature sound options.

As its name suggests, Sense ($149) is a sensor-packed device that gathers valuable information on sleep patterns and bedroom conditions to give the user insight into how temperature, humidity, ambient light, sound, and air quality affect their sleep. Sense connects to a smartphone app that provides analysis on sleep cycles and gives personalized suggestions on how to improve quality of sleep. The device has custom alarm tones and soothing sleep sounds, and is an unobtrusive 2.5 inches tall.

Using sound analysis to track movements in bed, the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app ($29.99/year) identifies sleep patterns and gently wakes the user during the lightest part of sleep, leaving them feeling naturally well-rested rather than groggy. A free version of the app is available, but the premium package is well worth the price. Crowned by the App Store as one of the best apps of 2016, it offers a wealth of in-depth analysis for a wide range of factors, including the effects of weather, air pressure, and daily life choices on sleep quality. All data is packaged into neat, easily understood graphs that are preserved with online backup.

The Withings Aura Connected Alarm Clock ($189.95) performs double duty as a stylish bedside lamp and a multi-sensory, high tech alarm clock that simulates the sunrise to give users a gradual, natural wake up. Complete with customized music options, Aura can be used to stream Spotify playlists or over 20,000 web radio stations to energize or relax; the device also has specially-engineered wake-up programs and optimized light and sound programs to induce sleep. When you buy the optional sleep sensor with the alarm clock ($299.95), you’ll also have access to sleep cycle analysis.

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