Sheryl Sashin Shares 5 Stationery Trends

Photography by Michael Caronchi

With a self-described passion for gorgeous papers and ribbons, Sheryl Sashin first opened Arabesque on Fifth Avenue South in Naples in 2001. The luxury stationer and gift shop is known for its expansive array of glorious wrapping papers, social and business stationery, fine writing instruments, unique gifts, and specialized invitations. Here, Sashin shares a handful of invitation trends to keep in mind when planning your next soirée.

Mixed Textures

A combination of engraving and letterpress printing in an invitation can make your party stand out in a crowded social season. “While engraving is raised, letterpress is pushed into the paper,” Sashin says. “Together they create a lovely yin and yang.”

Unique Shapes and Sizes

Use super-thick cards in interesting shapes and add pops of color on the edges of the card to differentiate your invitation in a colorfully bold way.

Customize, Inside and Out

Adorn the back of an invitation or a save-the-date card with an interesting texture like cork or wood. You could also include a hand-drawn map of the venue, or the various locations that are important to the event, as a custom liner.

Fabulous Foil

Whether it’s rose gold, gold, bronze, or silver, foil is widely popular. It can deliver just the right touch of attention-getting metallic shimmer.

Layered Packaging

Try custom letterpress pocketfolds, silk boxes and gatefolds, brightened with bling. “Boxes and pocketfolds are a great way to keep invitations that have many pieces, contained and organized,” Sashin says.


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