Signature Crustaceans

Celebrate reopening with a shellfish tower at Ocean Prime

The “Smoking” shellfish tower is the signature appetizer at the Naples location of Ocean Prime, and the perfect way for a party of four, six, or eight to begin their meal. Dry ice is concealed within to create a dramatic display and also keep the shellfish chilled. “This is a trophy presentation of our finest crustaceans,” says executive chef Vladimir Trivunovic. As pictured, it contains both East and West Coast oysters, North Atlantic lobster tail, Alaskan king crab legs, lump crabmeat, and colossal shrimp, but the dish is customizable, too, with no limitations or restrictions. “We go through a lot of shellfish, so the product is always fresh,” he says. “We have our own exclusive sources, and we pick the finest available on a daily basis.”

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