Smudging 101

Ceremonial saging or smudging (terms used for burning herbs for cleansing or healing purposes) dates back centuries in Native American culture. Today, the practice has become commonplace in wellness rituals, as a meditation aid, and to encourage relaxation during a yoga session. “At the end of a chaotic day, it’s a soothing way to disperse the negative energy in the room and calm it down,” says Beth Brown-Rinella, owner of Goddess I Am Healing and Meditation Center, Naples, which stocks sage bundles, energy freshener mists that act as a to-go smudging ritual, and dozens of essential oils and herbs. “Different types of herbs are blended in the sage bundles for different purposes,” she says. Lavender helps with anxiety, while mugwort enhances a meditative state and promotes dreaming. “Smudging is like an email to the spirits, asking for cleansing and a new beginning,” she adds.

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