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Vicki Woolington and Brandi Lucrecio, a mother-daughter team, are the owners of Kenundrem Design Studio, Naples, and count more than 30 years of combined experience. The two repurpose and recycle materials to re-create any living space. These home transformers scour Southwest Florida for inspiration, tapping whatever they find useful, from an old spoon to a jar of pennies. Woolington is a self-taught designer who would take scraps of doors and windows and piece them together to make something new.

   “I started refinishing furniture as a hobby, and once I played with the products I realized distressing was my passion,” Woolington says. Brandi took what she learned as a child to the next level, earning a degree in design from the American Intercontinental University of London.

 Kenundrem Design Studio - recycled and re-purposed items into interior design

   Kenundrem’s motto is to “define your style within your lifestyle.” Rooms should tell a story of your life. The designers listen to client’s stories, and then surround them with memories they can see daily. To illustrate: former MLB pitcher Don Carman and his wife, Kathy, are world travelers who own a home in Naples. Their bed is made of materials found in Guatemala and their home’s outdoor space reflects a recent trip to Paris. “Kenundrem has made my house feel alive again,” says Kathy. “I love telling my guests the stories of each and every piece.”

Kenundrem Design Studio - Vicki Woolington - Brandi Lecrecio - interior designers in Naples

Vicki Woolington (left) and Brandi Lucrecio of Kenundrem Design Studio

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