Stress Less at A Center for Reiki

Learn more about the benefits of reiki from Lyn Williams, owner of the Naples outpost

A Center for Reiki, Naples

Reiki is a Japanese complementary therapy focused on using energy to promote healing. Recent research in the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine indicates that reiki is more effective than a placebo and may improve symptoms of pain, anxiety, and overall well-being. Lyn Williams, reiki master and owner of A Center for Reiki in Naples, has been practicing for 25 years. She has worked on people with conditions from knee pain to cancer and says reiki can benefit everyone. “Healing occurs with the receptivity of the person who wants to be healed,” she explains. “The body just needs to have the right food, the right environment, rest, and a positive mindset.”

A Center for Reiki, NaplesIt’s up to you whether you do hands-on reiki or if the practitioner hovers their hands above your body; either way, Williams says, the energy flows through. While she can make no guarantees about the healing outcomes of a session, she says reiki is always good for stress relief. “I’ve never had someone leave my center who wasn’t more relaxed and didn’t feel that their stress level had been substantially reduced, if not eliminated, by the time our session was over.”

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