Summer Exercise Tips

Yes, the weather is sultry, but that doesn’t sideline Neapolitans who love to exercise outdoors. We polled some local fitness trainers for sensible safety advice. In addition to their unanimous number-one rule—drinking copious amounts of H2O—here are their other top tips and suggested activities.

Local Expert Advice on Exercise in Southwest Florida summer heat - Naples area personal trainers and boot camp instrctors weigh in

Memmy Staber, Private Trainer

  • “Go to the beach to exercise and use the water to cool down. I like walking in the surf. It is good resistance on your leg muscles, and the water keeps you cool.”
  • “Take advantage of the local kayak and paddleboard rental places in the area. You can exercise while enjoying Mother Nature.”
  • “Take a TRX band to the park or beach and latch it to a tree for built-in shade while you work out.”

Sean Wells, Naples Personal Training

  • “Weigh yourself before and after working out. For every pound lost, drink 20 ounces of water.”
  • “Wear clothing that is light in weight and light in color. It will help reduce the amount of trapped and absorbed heat.”
  • “In addition to water, hydrate with coconut water—it’s a great, natural, low-calorie beverage that is packed with electrolytes.”

Jon Bates, Addicted to Fitness

  • “Pick the time of the day wisely—early in the morning or later in     the day when the temperature     is not as hot.”
  • “Working out in the heat is not for beginners. Start indoors and consult with your doctor if you’re new at it; prepare your body to work outside.”

Bananas are a great snack for the firness buff getting ready for a workout in Southwest Florida - a great source of potassium to maintain energy leves during the workout
Sarge Brown, Naples Fitness Boot Camp

  • “It’s good to have a banana. The potassium will help your body maintain energy throughout the heat.”
  • “I recommend early morning boot camp—the fresh air at that time of day will help increase oxygen uptake, which helps your body adjust to the humidity and heat. Exercising outside increases serotonin in the brain, and that is what makes you happy. So if you are working out outside, you’ll be a lot happier throughout the day.”
  • “Believe you can achieve anything and just by believing it, you have already reached part of your goal.”

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