Bob Edwards, 2013 Super Man

Edwards is known on the national stage as the managing director–investments and senior PIM portfolio manager of Moran Edwards Asset Management of Wells Fargo Advisors. He is well respected and lauded, having been named one of the country’s top financial advisors by Barron’s* for the past four years straight. But to our community, where he has lived since he was in elementary school, he is even better known for his altruistic streak. He has been involved in a long, long, long list of nonprofits for four decades—“or five,” he says, “if you count student council.” He’s deeply dedicated to the Naples Children & Education Foundation and its Naples Winter Wine Festival (for which he and his wife, Terry, served as co-chairs in January), and he is also a champion for the arts. Edwards serves on the board of Artis—Naples, is an honorary chair for The von Liebig Art Center and opens his home’s personal fine-art collection to organizations for fundraisers.

Naples' Super Men - Bob Edwards - Moran Edwards Assets

“The arts ennoble and inspire us, build bridges, and foster creativity. Art is a cornerstone of all great civilizations and cities.”

His heroes: “My wife. She can survive anything, including me. Jackson Pollock, the first American to lead the art world. Warren Buffett, who is smart, effective, humorous and has common sense. Oscar Wilde, for sarcastic, caustic, spot-on wit. Jay and Patty Baker—nobody has more fun doing more good. Myra Daniels, who enriched Naples through the arts and taught me so much. Tom Moran, my business partner, for his tolerance of my rants.”


Literary figure he’d want to meet: “Captain John Yossarian from Joseph Heller’s Catch 22. He would understand me.”


Perfect day in town: “On the golf course, a spin through The Baker Museum and then spending time with my family and two Great Danes. (My wife told me to say that.)”


On his iPod: “Rolling Stones, Sinatra, Bach and Pit Bull.”


Why he loves Naples: “It’s my roots. No better group of people in the world. How’s that for pandering—but it’s true.”



* Barron’s Top 1000 Advisors 2010-2013 – The rankings are based on data provided by over 4,000 advisors. Factors included in the rankings were assets under management, revenue produced for the firm, regulatory record, quality of practice and philanthropic work. Investment performance isn’t an explicit component.

Photography by Vanessa Rogers

Shot on location at LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort, Naples.


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