Brian Roland, 2013 Super Man

It seems as if he already has the super power of being in two places at once. Roland, an executive chef and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, now has his own business, Crave Culinaire, a personal chef concierge service and event company. It has been a resounding success since its launch early this year, and he’s traveling to points all over Southwest Florida to cook for clients and cater large parties. To those who know him, it’s amazing he gets any sleep because he also makes giving back a top priority. He’s passionate about assisting dozens of local groups—from learning to tango for Literacy Volunteers of Collier County’s Dancing With the Stars fundraiser and emceeing events for Cancer Alliance of Naples and Humane Society Naples to battling other chefs in cooking competitions for St. Matthew’s House.

Naples' Super Men - Brian Roland - Crave Culinaire

“I’m a simple, Southern, sophisticated guy.(I get extra points for alliteration, right?)”

What philanthropy means: “Raising awareness of all voids of life, in an effort to help those in need. Philanthropy is a way of life for me, a way I can truly make a difference. I try to give back in some way to every person who touches my life.”


“Super” spots in Naples: “I love lunch at MASA, dinner at Osteria Tulia, drinks at Osetra. Bha! Bha! is my hidden gem, and I also enjoy my mom’s house!”


How he spends a free day: “What’s a ‘free day’?!”

Naples' Super Men - Brian Roland - Crave Culinaire

His superhero name: “Chef Charming. It’s an endearing superhero name my girlfriend’s mother has given me.”


Personal style in three words: “Pressed chef coat.”


Photography by Vanessa Rogers

Shot on location at LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort, Naples.

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