Jon Bates, 2012 Super Man

   The owner of Addicted to Fitness may not be able to bend steel bars with his bare hands, but Jon Bates can—and does—make many a Neapolitan strong and fit.
Jon Bates - naples' Super Men

Family Guy: “I met my wife on, and we now have twin 5-year-old girls who are the most amazing experience that could have ever happened to me.”

Community: Since opening Addicted to Fitness in January, Bates has donated more than 20 annual and semiannual memberships to local charities. He also created a program for extremely overweight teens at a discounted rate as a summer fitness challenge.

Super Power Wish: “To fly! That way I could be in different places more quickly. I could see my kids, help more clients and save on gas!”

Jon Bates - Naples' Super Men

Ferrari F40, Ronnie Caldwell; photo at C&C Aviation


Photography by Vanessa Rogers

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