Sweet Talk

There’s something about a languid afternoon on the beach (conveniently accessible from the west end of Fifth Avenue South) that fires up appetites. When a sugar craving takes hold, these spots are to the rescue:

  • Grace & Shelly’s Cupcakes bakes a brown sugar caramel treat that is our particular brand of kryptonite.
  • Adelheidi’s Organic Sweets (239-304-9870) offers crepes and baked goods, but nothing beats the gelato on a sunny day, especially in exciting flavors (avocado, chocolate chili, lavender).
  • Abbott’s Frozen Custard serves the frosty indulgence, but also houses the Mon“Key” Bread Factory. Anyone who hasn’t tried a warm, gooey Key lime Mon“key”buntz simply hasn’t lived.
  • Cafe LurÇat whips up fabulous cuisine, but we secretly wish we could start with dessert—the restaurant is known for its warm, irresistibly cute little sugar-cinnamon donuts.

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