Tasteless Holiday Gifts

 Now that Christmas is over (technically and gratefully), here are two tasteless gifts you hopefully avoided:Rednek Wine Gloass

The RedNek Wine Glass: Carson Home Accents of Freeport, Pa. started manufacturing these beauties early in 2011, and have racked up $5 million in sales to date. They consist of nothing more than a Ball Mason jar glued to a Libbey candlestick holder, and cost about $15 apiece. Apparently, they’ve outsold everything else in the glassware and drinkware category on Amazon.

Far from being the Pet Rocks of the beverage world, the Rednek Wine Glasses are extremely functional. While the Mason jar seems to suggest that the glass was designed with moonshine in mind, it also works well for wine—a large enough bowl to swirl, sniff and unlock those phenolics. They make a great gift for the wine snob in your life, and will likely be around for a while.

The Domino’s Rolex: Arguably the apex of shabby chic, these are actually basic watches in the Oyster series which are inlaid with the Domino’s logo. They originated in the early 1990s, and were given out by the company as gifts to over-achieving franchisees. They’re valued at $2,900, although one is currently selling on eBay for $3,500. They are now collectible, since the Rolex company will no longer put the logo on the watch face, only on the bracelet.

If you don’t know any Domino’s franchisees, consider that this is also the ultimate gift for a pizza lover—although, as one cynic pointed out, the recipient might appreciate 300 free pizzas more than the watch. Still, if there’s a Domino’s aficionado in your life, this gift is (no pun intended) timeless.


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