The Calm of the Wild

Time in nature boosts tranquility, and the work of Naples photographer Dennis Goodman soothes through beauty

Dennis Goodman (Photo by Louis Venne Photography)
Photo by Louis Venne Photography

For nature photographer Dennis Goodman, it’s all about the crop and the pop—of color, that is.

“I find the uniqueness of a subject through composition and lighting,” says the Minneapolis native, who’s lived in Naples since 1985. “Normally, people wouldn’t crop a hawk the way I did [photo above], but I try to find the soul of the bird. I don’t want to just take a picture. I want my work to be an art form with a unique pose and an impact that changes people.”

A former property manager, the father of two changed careers “in a leap of faith,” he says. “Photography was always my way to relieve stress, and I didn’t think about anything else when I was outdoors. When I was growing up, I’d take off and go to the woods, but I didn’t start photography until after I lived in Florida. I followed my passion and have been doing it full-time since 2008.”

The self-trained lensman, who credits the mentorship of Florida wilderness photographer Clyde Butcher, has a studio in Naples; sells at art shows during season; and has a booming commercial business, with images on display in high-rises, hotels, hospitals, and office buildings throughout the state.

“I stay so busy October through April that I do most of my shooting in the summer,” says Goodman, whose wife, Kristen, works as a photo organizer, scanner, and archivist. “You have to be patient to shoot in nature, but you also have to respect the wildlife, whether it be a butterfly or an alligator. For me, every trip is a spiritual expedition.” 

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