The Local’s Mushroom Bruschetta Features House-Made Vegan Cheese

This favorite appetizer is a delicious nod to dairy-free foodies

The Local's Mushroom Bruschetta, with house-made almond cheese
The Local’s Mushroom Bruschetta, with house-made almond cheese.

The latest culinary creation from chef Jeff Mitchell quickly became The Local’s best-selling appetizer when it was recently added to the menu. While developing this mushroom bruschetta with house-made almond cheese, Mitchell sampled commercial non-dairy cheeses and decided to make his own—a three-day process that begins with sliced organic almonds. The “cheese” is slathered on grilled ciabatta bread and topped with wild mushrooms preserved in grapeseed oil with garlic and fresh herbs. “It started with my sous chef, who has a dairy-free diet,” says Mitchell, a trailblazer in the crusade for locally sourced, organic, and sustainable food. “It has been well-received, partly because servers love to describe the process to our guests.”

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