The Perfect Fit: Customized Sporting Gear

In sports, as in any undertaking, we are looking for the right fit. Rather than opting for the most readily available option, our best bet is to find “the one” meant for us—and that often means a little matchmaking (or customization) on the front end. Of course, when anything is tweaked to specifically fit our preferences and needs, we tend to experience a rush of excitement. This leads us to elaborately customize everything from cars to coffee, so when it comes to sports equipment, why buy off the rack? Whether you are looking to improve performance or simply be as comfortable and stylish as possible when playing your sport of choice, equipment customization is your best shot. We turned to four local experts in golf, fishing, cycling and tennis to explain why.


TaylorMade Tiburon Golf ClubSwing King

Honing in on the perfect swing is a breeze at the TaylorMade Performance Lab at Tiburón Golf Club.

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Customized Tennis RacketsStriking Match

Revitalize your swing and serve nothing but aces with a customized tennis racket.

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Customized BicycleSwitching Gears

Get into gear with the perfectly customized bicycle, suited to your exact specifications.

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Customized Fishing RodsTalented Cast

Customized fishing rods offers the dual advantages of better performance and the coolness factor.

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